[AMY SAYS] EP#500 How to Navigate Adult Friendship Breakups

Feb 1, 2024


Tell me if this sounds familiar: You have “this friend”… and perhaps this is someone you’ve known forever, maybe you saw each other through some tough times, but at this particular place in your life, this friendship has been feeling strained, frustrating, and sometimes downright toxic. But you guilt yourself saying, “Well, we’ve been friends since college” or “Am I a dick if I don’t want to be there for her anymore?

If that sounds at all familiar, you are in the same boat that many people find themselves in when they reach their 30s and 40s and beyond. You’ve grown as a person, your life has changed, and your priorities have shifted. But, you still feel tethered to this historical relationship that feels more like it’s robbing you dry than adding to your fulfillment.

A listener of the show wrote to the pod asking how to actually let go of one of these friendships. I mean, how do you go about breaking up with a friend? Is there an approach? How do you know if you’re being a big ‘ol meanie? If you’ve been pulled to part ways with a friendship, but have no idea what-the-hell that really looks like, you may want to have a listen. I discuss six major concepts to keep in mind (you know, to keep your shit straight) and two specific methods you can take to pull the trigger on the “break up”. Additionally, I walk you through how to deal if someone breaks up with you (or simply just ghosts you).

This pod explores:

  • How to tap into the “real” reason you’re looking to end the friendship
  • How to get connected to the way you need to conduct yourself so you’re proud of your own behavior (even if the other person loses their shit)
  • Two specific methods to “break up” with this unfulfilling friendship
  • Four steps to aid in your healing if someone has broken up with you or isn’t communicating with you any longer



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I'm a sassy-ass life coach and hypnotherapist who specializes in all things self-worth and confidence. I help aspiring badasses (hint: that's YOU!) speak up for themselves without being assholes. As in... telling your mom to stop butting into your relationship. You feel me, no?

It's time to let go of all that people-pleasing and cultivate some serious "enoughness". You're home, love. You're home.


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