You find yourself in a constant state of stress because you are doing, doing, doing for everyone else.

 You look in the mirror, pick yourself apart, and talk mad-shit to yourself… Even though everyone around you thinks you fully have your shit together.

 You often look around at your “I checked all the boxes” life and wonder,


You have a constant fear of

“letting others down”

so you overwork, overcommit,

and over-extend yourself constantly.

And, if you’re really honest, you find yourself caring so much about what other people think that you often replay scenarios in your head, constantly doubting yourself and feeling like you’re always getting shit wrong.

Not to mention that you feel like you’ve completely lost yourself in the struggle to perfect, accomplish, and control. I mean… what even brings you joy these days?

But you keep constantly seeking approval from others, trying to control everything, and ending up feeling like nothing is ever “good enough”.


And when it really comes down to it…

you know it’s because you don’t believe you’re “enough”.

Not worthy. And certainly not deserving of being happy.


Y our mom is driving you bat-shit but you lack the words to tell her you can no longer speak to her when she’s been drinking.

Or maybe you and your partner get in #epic battles but never seem to make any headway.

Your boss is on you all the time, but you have no idea how to establish a boundary, so you just take her shit and overwork, over accomplish, and keep coming up empty.

Or perhaps you’re dying to open your own energy healing practice but are wracked with debilitating imposter complex leaving you stagnant and miserable.

And, then enters in

aaaaall the guilt.

Guilt for not being happy… I mean… look at all you have.

Guilt for wanting more.

Guilt for wanting time alone.

Guilt for not wanting to be connected to toxic family.

Guilt any time you get the courage to speak up for yourself.

And, you’re smart.

Degrees and shit.

You could start a small library with all the personal development books you’ve hoarded. And, didn’t you just listen to that pod about speaking up for yourself?

But, yet you still feel…

uniquely broken.
Oh, honey, have I ever been there.


Ichecked all those boxes. Awesome marriage. Check. Killer career. Done. Gorgeous home. Yep. Life of the party. For sure. But was I happy? Fuck no.


I spent the entirety of my life twisting and contorting, people-pleasing, and so consumed with “perfect” that I completely lost myself.

It came to a head in ’07 at my father’s funeral.
I had just gotten done doing his makeup for his viewing.
So, yeah, you read that right. I had just done makeup on my dead dad. Not to mention speaking at the service to a crowd of hundreds. Needless to say, I thought I was #winning at daughter.

And that was the same damn day my mom found it the most opportune time to tell me she felt she and my dad had “failed” as parents. Because I wasn’t “walking with the lord” and didn’t subscribe to the rigid dogmatic (and abusive) religion I was raise in.

That was a pivotal moment for me.


I was fucking DONE being motivated from a place of guilt and fear.

I realized that if push came to shove and I had to decide between making my family happy or making me happy,


I chose me.

So I threw myself into personal development. #obsessed

And I learned how to truly believe in my own “enoughness” so that I could actually have tough conversations, establish boundaries and say “no” to shit that didn’t serve me.

After a fuck-ton of coaching classes, trainings, certifications, and seminars, I started to develop MY OWN sense of self.

What I stood for. What I believed.

And after a handful of breakdowns,

I found my voice.

Turns out it was there all along.

And, that’s exactly what I can teach you to do too.




Because, let’s be honest. Shit really needs to change. like, yesterday.



  Actually saying “No” to your sis who always expects you to take care of things with the fam. Without being riddled with guilt.

  *NOT* having an out-of-body experience if you think someone doesn’t like or approve of you.

  Actually telling your partner how you feel about sex/finances/communication/whatever.

  Starting that creative biz you’ve been too scared to start.

  Voicing your opinion without second guessing your statements and *not* having that damn shaky voice, leading you to feeling super confident in your thoughts, opinions, and needs.

  Not stressing about petty things, so you can focus on being present with your kids, your partner, and your besties.

  Being the model of self-care and confidence by showing your clients/family/co-workers what it really looks like to establish boundaries by sticking to your set hours and not over-extending yourself.

  Having a full schedule with shit you want to do (instead of obligations)… like, finally visiting Mt. Rushmore this summer, learning Spanish on Saturdays, or getting a membership to that new rocking climbing gym down the street. Or, aaaaall of that.

  Telling yourself,

I am enough.

and actually, fucking believing it. #whoa

I’m Amy,

by the way. (SHE/HER)

Have I not even introduced myself yet? God, how rude.

I’m pretty sure I can help you. Why? Because I’ve spent the last decade+ teaching people (ah-hem, YOU) what it really takes to let go of constant people-pleasing, comparison, and negative self-talk.

Why does that matter?

Because when you actually LIKE yourself, everything in your life changes. You start to actually enjoy your life and access some killer happiness.

I’m talking serious JOY.

Like, multi-orgasmic-kind of joy.

Or a-big-bowl-of-Ben-n’-Jerry’s-S’more-ice-cream kind of joy.

Or I-can’t-believe-I-don’t-feel-guilty-for-standing-up-to-my-in-laws kind of joy.



Seriously, though.

why should you listen to me?

1 First off, I’ve been there. I am LIVING proof that you can take a stand for yourself, find your voice, love yourself, and be a total badass while doing it. AND… while still being totally kind to others. Whaaaaa!? Yeah. For reals.

2Second, I speak your language. If you haven’t noticed, I’m not afraid of using “colorful” language. I’m super proud that I’m the same Amy in my biz as I am with my friends and Mr. Smith. Let’s get you there too.

3Third, I get results. I’ve worked with hundreds of people who have created TOOOOTALLY different lives. No more shit-talking to themselves. No more hiding. People starting businesses they were terrified to start. Ending relationships they were afraid of ending. Standing up to family they were terrified to stand up to. Telling bosses what’s up. You feel me.

4Fourth, I’m actually educated in this stuff. I know, right? You mean I’m not just a random who gives good advice and just threw up a site and started calling myself a coach? Nope.

I feel VERY strongly about being educated in the field of coaching, so I have a coaching certification (CPCC designation, 2009) through The Coaches Training Institute, a well-known pioneer educational establishment in the field of coaching. (aka. NOT just a weekend, online class saying “Wheeeeee, you’re a coach now!”)

Additionally, I am credentialed with the International Coaching Federation (ACC designation, 2009), which is currently the only governing body that oversees the coaching profession. Fancy, right? It is.

I am also a certified hypnotherapist through the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI, 2019) which holds the distinction of being America’s first nationally accredited school of Hypnotherapy. So, you are getting very sleepy… Jk. It doesn’t work like that.

And, if you aren’t impressed quite yet I am also certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP, 2020), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, 2020) which is commonly called Tapping, Handwriting Analysis (2020), and Inner Child Work (2020). So, yeah… I have a bevy of tools up my sleeve.  

I also have a bachelor’s degree in Business Management, but the coaching route was waaaaay more fun. And meaningful.

5Fifth, I give away free shit ALL the time. And, I’m a hell-of-a-good time.




Let’s find your powerful, beautiful, worthy voice and let’s use it. Let’s get you waking in the morning with a smile. Loving the reflection in the mirror. Speaking kindly to yourself like a legit inner-bestie. Let’s get you going after all those dreams and kicking that inner shit-talker to the curb.



First step? My treat. On the house.

It’s about time you Speak Up for Yourself Without Being a Dick, don’t you think? Of course, it is.

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A.G.S. Company Values


We believe that the most polarizing of topics can be discussed without vitriol, blame, or acrimony. You can ask for a divorce, request an adult child to move out of the house, come out, or tell your fam you don’t believe in the religion you were raised in, and do it with the utmost grace and kindness. We believe in extreme compassion… including those who’s beliefs are diametrically opposed to yours. And, at the same time, we believe it is often necessary to boundary your ass off with some of these individuals. And, address your anger and upset. (Please see section on “Emotional Intelligence” [grin])


A.G.S.operates under the belief that if all individuals were taught emotional intelligence, our world would dramatically change for the better. We believe that our ability to emote, #catchfeels, and exercise vulnerability is directly related to the intimacy in our relationships. We also believe that the only way to truly grow is to acknowledge your emotional process. So, yes, we believe crying is good for you.

We also believe you are always, always allowed to feel what you feel. And, at the same time, you are always 100% responsible for your actions and behavior.



The A.G.S. brand is based on the tenant that you can speak your truth and do so from a place of grace + kindness. We believe that it is a fierce act of resistance and feminism to speak up for yourself in a society that tells you to always be polite and not “rock the boat” or some other oppressive idiom. We believe that it is the duty of those of us with privilege (in any form) to speak up for those whose voices have been silenced or dismissed. Now more than ever, we need women to speak their truth, own their power, and believe in their own intrinsic worth.


A.G.S.stands for inclusion, openness, listening + learning, and a commitment to knowledge, education, and personal growth.

We stand with the BLM movement, support (and are part of) the LGBTQ+ community, champion science, believe women’s rights are human rights, support those with disabilities (whether visible or not) and hold that no human being is illegal. 



We believe it is necessary to exercise radical personal responsibility in order to fully claim agency over one’s life. Ultimately, it is up to you to make the marked changes you desire for your life. And while we recognize that residing in a place of blame is rarely empowering, it is imperative to note that many things must change in the realm of equality and equity in order to give every individual the same opportunity to create their most ideal and fulfilled life.


Perhaps one of the most challenging pieces of standing up for yourself is bucking against social norms and ideologies. We believe challenging the status quo, social expectations, and stereotypes can pave the way toward equality and equity. With irreverence as a tenant, we believe a professional business can fucking say FUCK as fucking much as they fucking want. And we believe it takes extreme courage and bravery to fight for your autonomy, freedom, and happiness.