[DIAL AN EXPERT] EP#486 – Past Life Regression, Mental Health, and Psychic Ability with DENISE CORRELL

Apr 9, 2023

Because we live in a culture that values logic, reason, and rationale over intuition, it is likely you have come across individuals who are leary (or even fearful) of psychics, mediums, and the healing and lessons gleaned from such modalities. Maybe you have always been curious if your loved ones are still with you or if you could connect with your spirit guides to aid you in making a challenging decision. Maybe you receive messages that seemingly come out of nowhere, but you don’t want to be ‘silly’ and give them any credence. Maybe you have a difficult ailment or disease that has been bothering you and you’d love to know if there is any deeper meaning behind this struggle. 

So much clarity, healing, and comfort can be accessed by working with a skilled medium or psychic who is capable of conducting past life regressions. I first learned about this process in Hypnotherapy school and I was eager to learn more. What support can we gather from a past life? Is that even real? Aren’t people just making up stories about their past lives? Seems a bit too woo, right? Or perhaps we live in a culture that doesn’t encourage spirituality, leaning on your intuition, and connecting with others on a spiritual plane. Maybe that’s why it seems a bit “out there”.

Rounding out our final episode in our Spirituality Series, I called up my pal, Denise Correll, who is an Evidential Medium and Psychic to get her take on Past Life Regression and how that relates to mental health and wellness. Denise explains how she works with “Blending” to express messages from those who have passed on, the boundaries she has to establish so as to not overload herself with persistent energies, and if she has ever had to fire one of her spirit guides. This is a juicy one you won’t want to miss!

This pod explores:

  • Denise’s favorite tools to help you tap into your psychic ability (and it’s actually super simple)
  • Understanding the “Auric Field” and how we absorb energies of those around us… Hello, Energy Vampires!
  • The difference between psychic abilities and mediumship and how we can all condition these skills
  • The age when your psychic abilities tend to make themselves known




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Denise is a psychic medium who has been highly sensitive since she was very young. She is able to connect with the energies present in a person’s life as well as those in Spirit. Denise’s father was a gifted psychic medium who always told her to listen to that little voice within. She has this same gift of clairaudience as well as clairsentience, clairvoyance, and claircognizance. As an empath, she deeply feels emotions and often physical symptoms a person may be experiencing. Her mother was also very intuitive, so growing up in a home where these gifts were seen as a normal part of life was a gift beyond measure.

After many years hiding these talents and natural abilities, she is so very grateful and thankful to be able to share these gifts and be of service in bringing through messages to help people connect with their own inner knowing and light.

Denise is the cohost of the podcast Enlightened Empaths which focuses on how to navigate this world as a highly sensitive empathic person.

Prior to her current work, Denise was a special education teacher for many, many years. She lived all over the country and taught all grade levels from pre-K through community college. Her undergraduate degree is in Emotional Disturbance, and her masters degree is in Educational Leadership with post graduate work in education and counseling.

Connect with Denise on her website or on Insta.


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