[AMY SAYS] EP#464 – The Obsession with Achievement + What to Do About It

Oct 9, 2022

Most folks (maybe even you) who have a love affair with achievement and accomplishment, find that their tenacity and attachment to perfection has created a ton of significant success in their lives. Maybe they even wear the “over-achiever” label as a badge of honor. Sound like you? Maybe your constant striving and achieving has enabled you to succeed in school, your career, or in your community. But there can absolutely be a dark side to achievement. 

The obsession to achieve and be perfect at all costs can cause significant impediment to your happiness. How easy is it for you to simply rest, recharge, and do absolutely nothing? [gasp!] How often do you stand in judgment for others who prioritize fun and play over productivity? [shit!] How often do you really celebrate your accomplishments? Most overachievers have a hard time accepting compliments or acknowledging their successes because they are so focused on what’s next… What haven’t I accomplished? Where am I lacking or coming up short? You may also have a hellova time actually slowing down and resting. I mean… you should at least be folding laundry if you’re watching TV, right?

In this deep dive episode, I explore the handful of reasons why we are so seduced by overachieving (hello, ‘not enoughness!’), the ramifications of a death grip on achievement, and five things you can do to make sure your achievement is always in service of you rather than stealing your joy. Don’t worry… you don’t have to become a slacker or anything… we’re just going to explore when it’s healthy and when it isn’t. [whew!]

This pod explores:

  • The typical hustle cycle we get obsessed with and how it delays your happiness… like, forever
  • Understanding the ways achievement fulfills us and when it begins to steal our joy
  • How to create an identity that is bigger than your accomplishments (you are MORE than a series of checked boxes, I promise)
  • How marginalized communities are pressured to prove themselves which can sometimes result in an unhealthy relationship with achievement




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I'm a sassy-ass life coach and hypnotherapist who specializes in all things self-worth and confidence. I help aspiring badasses (hint: that's YOU!) speak up for themselves without being assholes. As in... telling your mom to stop butting into your relationship. You feel me, no?

It's time to let go of all that people-pleasing and cultivate some serious "enoughness". You're home, love. You're home.


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