[DIAL AN EXPERT] EP#425 – Rage, Forgiveness, and Thriving After Trauma with Jennifer Kauffman

Jan 9, 2022

On April 15, 2013, Jennifer Kauffman was standing approximately 15 feet from the finish line bombing at the 117th Boston Marathon. It goes without saying that surviving this terrorist attack left Jennifer with a litany of physical and emotional wounds to tend to. After addressing the emergent physical healing, Jennifer was left emotionally reeling from this event as she grappled with her extreme rage toward the attackers. 

As she moved through her emotional healing, and began to find her peace, she felt convicted to share her story with the intention of inspiring others. As a best selling author and an executive producer of two Emmy award-winning movies, she is on a mission to inspire, encourage and empower people to rise despite seemingly impossible situations, transforming their trauma, enabling them to rise and thrive to live their best life. Talk about inspiring.

In this candid and unabashed interview, Jennifer shares her personal story, including reading her victim impact statement at the sentencing, and how she was able to move through her all-consuming rage to access forgiveness for the bombers. What!!? I know. Have a listen and learn what it looks like to transform your trauma into personal power.  

This pod explores:

  • How Jennifer managed to forgive the two terrorists of the Boston Marathon Bombing
  • How to process extreme rage around injustice and trauma and synthesize it into healing
  • What to do to process your emotions when you feel triggered
  • The big secret that no one tells you about healing from trauma




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Jennifer Kauffman is the Director and Producer of the transformational movie, There’s Got To Be More To Life, based on a true story of Jennifer’s journey of rising up from terrorism and childhood traumas where she went from barely surviving to thriving. She’s an Executive Producer of 2 Emmy and Telly award winning films, A New Leash on Life: The K9’s for Warriors Story and Freedom Isn’t Free: The Folds of Honor Story. She’s an inspirational speaker, best-selling author, award-winning results coach and founder of The Rise & Thrive Movement.

Through Transformational Movies, Jen is on a mission to inspire, encourage and empower people to rise despite seemingly impossible situations, transforming their trauma, enabling them to rise and thrive to live their best life.

Connect with Jen on LinkedIn, Instagram, and/or Facebook.


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