[DIAL AN EXPERT] EP#480 –  Codependency, Polyvagal Theory + Regulating Your Nervous System with Victoria Albina

Feb 26, 2023

So you’ve been stressed the-f-out, constantly overwhelmed and anxious and you’ve been noticing that this constant state of hustle, hustle, hustle, is starting to feel like your new normal. Only it’s not normal. You’re wondering if this is what burnout feels like. And your entire nervous system is screaming at you to slooooooow down. In fact, sometimes when you have down time you’re in such a heightened state, that you have a hellova time calming down… reaching for something to “do” while you relax.

But, what is actually happening in your nervous system? Many times, when we get into these states of stress, we blame either ourselves, for taking on too much or not being able to handle enough, or we blame external forces. We think that it’s our boss’s fault or our partner’s fault, and whilst there may be some culpable parties, blame really doesn’t ever help you feel better. And being pissed that you’re anxious hasn’t really helped either. But, if you really understood what was happening in your nervous system, you could utilize tools to self-regulate or co-regulate. 

Ok, great. But wtf does this really look like? Furthering our series on women’s health, I dialed up my pal Victoria Albina who is a Nurse Practitioner, Life Coach, and authority on all things nervous system. We chat all about her take on Polyvagal Theory (wait, what’s that?), the three main states of our autonomic nervous system, and how we can work with that system to calm-the-fuck down already. We also discuss how all of this relates to codependency in our lives. Yep, all connected. If you’ve found yourself in a near constant state of stress and overwhelm, this episode will take you to school. 

This pod explores:

  • Understanding Polyvagal Theory and how it impacts your daily life
  • Evaluating what it looks like to be in a “dysregulated state” and how to self-regulate or co-regulate
  • The Ventral Vagal state of our parasympathetic nervous system and how accessing this state allows us to be present, creative and connected
  • Victoria’s 3C’s of Feminist Wellness and how you can get your hands on her free meditations




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María-Victoria Albina (she/her) is a Master Certified Somatic Life Coach, UCSF-trained Family Nurse Practitioner and Breathwork Meditation Guide with a passion for helping women realize that they are their own best healers, so they can break free from codependency, perfectionism and people-pleasing and reclaim their joy.

She is the host of the Feminist Wellness Podcast, is trained in Somatic Experiencing and other somatic modalities, holds a Master’s degree in Public Health from Boston University School of Public Health and a BA in Latin American Studies from Oberlin College. María-Victoria has been working in health & wellness for over 20 years and lives on occupied Munsee Lenape territory in New York’s Hudson Valley.

>> Grab Victoria’s FREE meditations. <<

Connect with Victoria on Insta, Facebook, or Youtube.


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I'm a sassy-ass life coach and hypnotherapist who specializes in all things self-worth and confidence. I help aspiring badasses (hint: that's YOU!) speak up for themselves without being assholes. As in... telling your mom to stop butting into your relationship. You feel me, no?

It's time to let go of all that people-pleasing and cultivate some serious "enoughness". You're home, love. You're home.


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