[TOOL] Working with Handwriting Analysis to Create Boundaries EP#399

Jun 27, 2021

What if I told you your handwriting speaks volumes (no pun intended) about your confidence, self-esteem, ability to speak up for yourself, and how much concern you take with the opinions of others? You’d be like, “Now, wait. What!? Come again?” I know, I know. Stay with me. Believe it or not, it’s actually part of a scientific process called our Ideomotor Response which refers to the way we communicate our subconscious thoughts through our physical being… a.k.a. Handwriting. (Pssst… it’s also how ouija boards work too, so SPOILER ALERT, it wasn’t your deceased Aunt Helen trying to convey a message to you.)

A few years ago, I went through a wildly fascinating certification in Handwriting Analysis and I think you may find this tool surprisingly helpful in setting and establishing boundaries. Not to mention that it’s super easy and simple… it may be one of the easiest personal growth tools you ever use. Like, you literally just write a bit differently. You in?

In this episode, I spill some little-known secrets on how slight alterations to your handwriting can change how often and how well you speak up for yourself. If you like to geek out on the hybrid of science and woo, this is up your alley. Get out a blank sheet of paper and a pen and get ready to boundary your ass off.

This episode explores:

  • Understanding the Ideomotor Response and how it registers in our handwriting
  • What you need to do with the margins of your page if you want to establish boundaries
  • The letter that symbolizes communication and how you can shape them to better speak up for yourself
  • The serial killer’s handwriting sample I reviewed during my certification and what it indicated about them




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I'm a sassy-ass life coach and hypnotherapist who specializes in all things self-worth and confidence. I help aspiring badasses (hint: that's YOU!) speak up for themselves without being assholes. As in... telling your mom to stop butting into your relationship. You feel me, no?

It's time to let go of all that people-pleasing and cultivate some serious "enoughness". You're home, love. You're home.


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