All sentiments expressed on this page are from the incredible women I’ve had the pleasure of mentoring through my Deep, Down, + Dirty™ program.

I FEEL FREE. I have 100% full acceptance of myself.


I was so sick of how I was living. The thought of moving on this same way made me want to pull my hair out.


Before this course, I didn’t know how to embrace myself fully. I had all of these beliefs and ideas that were placed on me from family structures and the way I was raised. I had reached a point where I could no longer live this way… where I felt like pulling my hair out if I had to continue with these old beliefs and patterns.


What I learned from Amy was a way to truly, truly embrace my own beliefs. My own truth. To shed my old ways of thinking and finally stop holding myself back from living the life I wanted.

Now, the closest thing I can describe this shift as is free. I feel free. Free from the pressures that were holding me under for so long, from my own self-sabotaging. It was what I longed for, and now I finally feel it. I now have 100% full acceptance of myself. It was the push I needed, and I can no longer be the same.

~ Naomi Tataran  Bellingham, Washington


I am the happiest I can ever remember being!



Feeling like my life was pointless/wasted.


When I sought out support, I was feeling shameful, useless, and like I was wasting my life. I wanted personal attention and hands-on help for my unique trouble spots that I just couldn’t get a handle on myself. I wanted to be accountable and have structure and a plan for what felt like a very messy life. 


This course was the best investment I have ever made. Amy’s experience and education along with her organization results in a program that eliminates the need for therapy (at least for me!). Deep, Down, and Dirty was more effective and efficient than any therapy experiences I have had in the past 15 years!

It changed how I operate and I am the happiest I can every remember being! I stopped being obsessed with my weight, yet I feel more beautiful! I believe I deserve to be loved and that I deserve to be happy and enjoy life. I left a relationship that was SO not right for me and in doing so, happened to meet someone who I believe is my soulmate.

My relationships with my friends have improved and I no longer run myself into the ground, people-pleasing out of fear. I wish this was something that was integrated into education from a very young age. If people (especially women) felt valuable from elementary school onward, can you imagine all the ways the world would improve?!!!

~ Pamela Klueck, Royal Oak, Michigan


Deep, Down & Dirty was absolutely amazing! In just 12 weeks, I came out with a new mindset – I AM ENOUGH.

This course has taught me all about quieting my inner critic, believing in myself and holding my ground. There is no way to describe the heart and soul Amy puts into her work. She has a way of explaining hard concepts in easy, understandable manner.

If you are ready to find a happier, healthier, more lovable version of yourself, then you need to take this program!! It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Amy and DD+D have forever changed my life! You are truly amazing Amy and I am so incredibly grateful to have you in my life! So much love!

~ Christina Earon, Logandale, Nevada



Because of Deep, Down, + Dirty™, I learned the confidence to speak up for myself and I had the support of an amazing coach through it all. I am not the same girl who was insecure and afraid of everything before this course started.

Amy taught me how to speak up for myself and for what I want and had I not learned these things, my recent wedding would have been all about pleasing a member of my family who mistreats and manipulates me.

I actually have the power to change the way I think about myself and the rest of the world around me! I can honestly say that Amy poured her whole self into this course and I am forever grateful.

~ Samantha M., New Jersey

Amanda Choate

Middleton, Wisconsin



I wasn’t happy, tired of always putting everyone else’s needs above my own, and tired of being afraid to speak up for myself.


Before this life-changing course, I had elevated self-sacrifice to an art form, believing that if I took care of everyone else first, eventually it would be my turn for them to take care of me. Through this course, I learned I was unconsciously projecting that my needs WEREN’T important, BECAUSE I hadn’t been making them a priority.


Changing this mental belief was life altering. It has completely changed my perspective of myself and how my friends and family treat me. My worthiness isn’t something I have to prove. It just IS. It is up to me to embody that belief by speaking up for what I think, need and want. My wants and desires are just as important as everyone else’s.

Terri Bradway

Santa Clara, California

I no longer apologize for myself and I really like who I am!


I felt stagnant, distracted, and overwhelmed.


Before this incredible course, I felt stagnant, distracted, and overwhelmed at times with guilt and the need to seek approval.


And then, in Amy’s brilliant course, I learned to clarify what fears were holding me back in my life, to give myself the permission to feel, think, want, love and be who I am without guilt or needing confirmation from others. And now my life is animated again and I’m on a new career path too! The only approval I need is my own. I don’t need to apologize for who I am, what I love, who I’m close to, what I want, etc.

I have made peace with certain relationships and with giving myself permission to feel what I feel. I have also made huge strides in my marriage regarding understanding and communication. 

I have a million things to be grateful for thanks to you, Amy. Above all, I no longer apologize for myself unless it is warranted. I really like who I am! It has brought me so much freedom… thank you for everything you’ve taught me and given me… you will be the vision of what a gifted coach and mentor looks like.

Jill Long

Houston, TX

I constantly give myself permission to be human rather than beat myself up for not being perfect.


I was really unhappy. And needed something.


Before this course I felt overwhelmed, unhappy, and not in control of my life. I was missing out on the joys life is supposed to bring. Settling for less than I deserved and less than what I was capable of had become the norm. I had to do something different.


My results were astounding. I am not the same person I was before the course. And for that, I will be forever grateful.

I can now describe with total confidence and clarity what I stand for- my values and my beliefs. I have the tools to fall back on when life gets rough and I constantly give myself permission to be human rather than beat myself up for not being perfect.

I have taken away so many powerful lessons. With Amy’s help I really planted the seeds for a healthier more abundant and inspired future. And that is exciting!

To anyone that is considering taking this course I say do it. Don’t over think it. Just jump in. It will be just as the title says….deep and dirty. But you’ll emerge as a new version of you if you do the work. And Amy will be there to support you 150% of the time. She’s simply amazing at what she does- she has found her calling! It’s life changing and will serve you long after the course is complete.

Kristen T. 


I can sPEAK up for myself and not take on other people’s shit.

Idon’t have to apologize for who I am – I am lovable, valuable, and enough just as I am right now. I can speak up for myself and not take on other’s people’s shit and I am not a dick for establishing a boundary or putting myself first. I am always responsible for my words and actions (and handling myself with grace and kindness), but I am not responsible for how someone receives or perceives what I am saying.

This course has changed me and reawakened my spirit. I have a renewed sense of self-worth and I am on the right path, armed with tools to bring happiness and fulfillment back into my life. Amy’s style, approach, and tools are manageable, relatable, and immediately implementable.



This program totally changed my life.



Before this course, my identity and self-worth were wrapped up in my job, other people, and external things. I couldn’t understand why I was never happy, never good enough, and constantly wanting more instead of enjoying the present. I told myself that “I wasn’t enough.”


Then, Amy taught me about self-worth, beliefs, fear, and how to communicate with myself and others. I learned so much about myself and that the shifts I’ve seen since I’ve started have been radical. I can apply everything I’ve learned in almost any situation I will face for the rest of my life.

She helped me detangle my identity from the external holds thread by thread, giving me each piece back to weave something strong, grateful and beautiful. Now my life is completely changed – for the better. I am so glad to have my tool box, for everything I have learned, and for the continued support Amy consistently shows me.

~ Monica Rheingold, Austin Texas




Amy taught me how to set ninja boundaries.


I wanted to set boundaries, stop feeling guilty, and stop people-pleasing.


Prior to this course, I was stuck in a cycle of people-pleasing, feeling guilty, unworthy and undeserving that my desires matter. I struggled with communicating my needs assertively and with establishing boundaries professionally and with friendships.


This is the best course I’ve ever taken. Amy taught me how to set ninja boundaries, speak my truth with grace and kindness and gave me some killer tools on how to not feel guilty. I now have more confidence than ever before and feel like I’m living a more authentic expression of myself. I truly believe at my core that I’m more than enough.

~ Kim Carroll, Lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico


I had conversations I never thought I was strong enough to have.


I was tired of the way I was living my life.

This course provides so many useful tools to explore your beliefs, your sense of self-worth, and shaping the person you want to be in this world. In the twelve weeks of this program, I had conversations I never thought I was strong enough to have. I made positive shifts, and I formed powerful habits. What I want in my life matters!

My results have been transformative, and I know that if I keep applying what Amy has taught me, it will significantly change my life for the better. I’ve never felt safer to express my truest feelings. Amy, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

~ Christine Le, Winter Garden, Florida


you deserve happiness

I got over an Ex for GOOD!



I was constantly feeling bad, second guessing myself, and feeling that I wasn’t good enough.


Before this course, I didn’t believe in myself or the decisions that I made. I didn’t FEEL like I was good at anything even though I “knew” I was.


Amy has taught me how to not be controlled by people in my life, and tune in to what my true talents are….and the best part is that I believe them.

What I learned, and the tools I learned have empowered me to speak my truth, make decisions, and clearly communicate. As I’ve used the tools, I now gather evidence everywhere to build my confidence and my levels of anxiety have gone way down, as well as second guessing myself.

My relationships are better, as I am able to work through conflicts, and I don’t “feel bad” for not committing or feel like I have to over-explain to smooth things out or that I didn’t do enough. I can state my decisions gracefully and with confidence b/c I am proud of how I am showing up for myself. It has taught me how to be fulfilled by ME.

~ Alison Beach, Falls Church, Virginia


*I* am worth it!


My inability to connect and keep friends and my lack of thriving in my marriage.


Prior to working with Amy, I had reached an all-time low and didn’t think I had a chance of surviving the depression, loneliness and constant failure to find peace and happiness.


This has been most life changing experience and that this shit should be taught in elementary school! Immersing myself in DD+D made me face my past pain, present disappointments and future fears, and helped me to realize that I am not alone in this world, like I previously thought.

I now have this immense passion and there is a large light shining from within. No matter how hard, or long, or difficult the journey, it is fucking worth it because *I* am worth it! Going through this made me realize that there is so much joy and happiness to be had and I am finally ready to go after it no matter how hard the journey is!!

~ Kristina Krause, Littleton, Colorado 

I have the courage + confidence to launch my biz.


Before joining the Deep, Down + Dirty, I was CONVINCED I wasn’t “ready yet” to launch my business; I was riddled with self-doubt and paralyzed by the fear of what people would think of me.


Thankfully, Amy helped me realize that my need to please others was keeping me from showing up authentically both in my personal and professional life, and with her encouragement and guidance I’ve been able to work past the limiting beliefs and destructive habits that were keeping me stuck in fear.

In just a few short months she’s helped me cultivate the courage and confidence I needed to put myself “out there” and to allow myself to be seen. I’ve also been able to speak my mind coupled with a greater sense of self-awareness and clarity.  #PositiveRoleModel #ForRealz 

~ Tania Andrade, North Hollywood, CA


 Lisa Collins

Bellevue, Washington

DD+D has truly changed my life.


Wanting to stop the spinning in my mind.


I never realized how much I was trying to control everyone and everything and how I would say something wanting a particular response and then be disappointed when I didn’t get that response. Most of my definitions of happiness were external and I was miserable although I looked like a poster child to the “real” world.

I was feeling complete overwhelm between work, marriage, kids, wanting to see my friends, wanting to exercise and feeling completely depleted and too tired to do much but work and parent. 


I can’t stop talking about DD+D to friends! After this program and Amy’s guidance, my life feels manageable and I have tools to use when things start to get crazy. I know that happiness is from within and my role in life is to show up with grace and kindness while staying true to my needs. My perspective and monkey brain have calmed down and I’m so grateful for this course and Amy. It has truly changed my life. I’m literally a different person with a different thought system and am forever thankful to have you in my life!


Michelle Vu

San Jose, California

I learned how to sustain self-love on a daily basis.


Before this course, I was literally sitting on the sidelines of the self-help world, constantly listening to podcasts, self-help gurus, audio books, and YouTube videos, without actually taking real actions to change my life.


From this soul-altering course, I learned how to speak up for myself with much more grace and kindness and can say “no”, and be direct without sounding like a total dick. Most importantly, I learned how to sustain self-love on a daily basis. Amy’s tactics and tidbits are easy wellness pills to swallow each and every day.

You will never be without some kind of awesome tool to use for life’s conflicts that can occur at any given time. Thank you so much Amy, you’ve brought out my bad-assery in more ways than you can imagine!


Megan Miller

Sacramento, California

This course has truly been life changing.


I wanted change my outlook in my career search, rediscover my self-confidence, and learn how to better approach how I interact with people.


This course has truly been life changing and I don’t say that lightly. It has taught me the awareness to approach my life, outlook and situations that arise in a completely different and improved way. It has provided to tools to call upon to handle and process not only the notably difficult situations that arise but has provided little everyday tweaks I didn’t even know I needed.

Amy is such a kind, loving, generous coach and human and goes above and beyond to ensure each one of us received exactly what we needed. I am incredibly proud of the progress I’ve made and truly feel I now have the tools to maintain the progress I’ve made and to further improve.


Sara can speak up for herself and handle tough conversations like a #boss


Before this course I was overwhelmed with work, having a lot of difficulty saying no to clients, and general difficulty communicating what I wanted.


Amy and I talked about my underlying beliefs, how what I want and need are also important, and truly how to speak up for myself (with grace and kindness of course). Now I do a much better job of pausing to notice what I actually want, voicing my concerns in the moment and when I don’t I circle back faster, remembering that I am already enough, and focusing on what I can do to change a situation. ) I really, really can stand up for myself/have a voice and what other people want is not MORE important than what I want.

It was an intense 3 months, and when I look back on all that changed during that time, I can hardly believe it! To name a few: I had tough conversations with my husband, I stood up to my boss, made huge professional advancements, I began thinking about how every time I say ‘yes’ when I am thinking ‘no’ I am choosing the other person over myself and I started to change that, I looked at the relationship with my step-mom, and I stood up to my mom.

I am incredibly grateful to Amy for being my teacher and for being with me every step of the way! Thank you so much Amy for the huge opportunity, for your time, for your knowledge, for your compassion, for your work, and for your patience.

~ Sara J., St. Louis, Missouri

I am absolutely worth all the good things in my life.


I was so, so sad, lost, and disappointed.


Before this course, I was so, so sad, lost, and disappointed in myself that I had lost all motivation to work, exercise and care for myself properly. And then the Amy appeared with her astonishing wisdom and knowledge for every occasion and taught me to take more control over my thoughts and beliefs.


And now my life feels worth living, for me, not just for helping other people. No matter what, I know who I am and have great intentions and the fact is, I will only tie myself up in more and more knots by trying to please everyone else. It literally is just not possible. 

I now have full permission from myself to enjoy my life because I know beyond a doubt that I deserve it and am capable of so many things I didn’t have the confidence to believe in before. I am absolutely worth all the good things in my life and can say yes to great opportunities without feeling guilty.

~ Rachel Ross, Napier, New Zealand

you are enough

i can set boundaries without feeling guilty!


Years of therapy much less time! I spent more in therapy and with another coach and absolutely was not provided actual tools to use to move forward in life.

Amy taught me that I have a choice to be who I want to be. I can give myself permission to feel and speak up for myself. I have a better understanding of what makes me me and how I can set boundaries without feeling guilty.   She’s provided me with the tools I need to continue on in life with more courage and confidence. I feel like I’m owning who I really am instead of reacting out of defense. I’m so very grateful for the experience and would take her courses again.   I don’t have to be who people have labeled me! I actually have a fucking choice.

~ Erin McQueen, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Amanda Promenschenkel

Chadwick, Illinois

  I stopped people-pleasing.


This course really made me dig deeper and made me even more aware of my thoughts/feelings/actions. It is life changing!! I stopped people-pleasing, started speaking my truth, and now practice self-love.

I love Amy’s podcast and her style of teaching so I thought this would be fun and just a little more in-depth than things I had already learned. Wow did I underestimate this course!! It really does make you get deep, down, and dirty!! I am definitely not the same person I was when I started and for that I will forever be grateful. xoxo



I feel so happy and more in love with myself!


Before this course I had been learning lots of tools through books and podcasts to help become a happier version of myself. Then Amy’s course showed me how to actually implement those tools (and new ones!) into my life.


DD+D gave me amazing tools for overcoming perfectionism and people-pleasing, for having tough conversations, and for dealing with criticism & rejection. It’s a how-to manual for overcoming the limiting things you’ve been told since you were a little girl.

Forgiving myself doesn’t mean I condone or endorse my past behaviors, it just means I’m not going to suffer over it anymore. Now I feel like I have a better handle on how to make personal development a daily part of who I am. I feel so happy and more in love with myself than ever.

~ Jessica Moore, Wichita, Kansas

I can say ‘no’ without guilt.


I needed to stop talking about doing stuff and actually do shit.


Before this course, I was unhappy with my life and my career.


Amy has taught me the art of saying ‘no’ to people with both grace and kindness and without that nagging feeling of guilt. It’s helped me to have conversations that I’ve never felt brave enough to have.

After taking the course I feel confident in who I am and what I want from life. I also have the ability to speak up for myself and not feel guilty or over-explain. I also learned that it’s ok for friendships to run their course and how to allow that with grace and kindness.

~ Lizzie Lowe, Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada


I feel like a new woman. This work is invaluable.



I was done with where I was. 


I came in to this course as a very angry woman that did not know how to emote, even if she tried.


Amy taught me to love myself enough to see that it is ok to show emotion and to live in it and that I will survive it. I now feel like a new woman. I am no longer an angry and bitter, and I can show emotion without being afraid of it and I’ve cleared some relationship issues out of my life.

 I am enough, I can figure out what’s beneath the anger and I am ok to let go of the shit in my life.

I am truly living with grace, kindness and self-love. This work is invaluable. Amy, I’m so very grateful for how loving and kind you are, I couldn’t have done it without you.



I learned that I AM ENOUGH!!! And I can say No! And that I truly am lovable!


Ilearned that I am enough! And I can say NO! And that I am truly lovable! My self- confidence has increased tenfold! Thank You Amy! I feel like you’ve given me wings and now it’s my time to fly!!

~ Jacquelyn Ellis, Las Vegas, Nevada



Fox River Grove, Illinois

  THE new sense of awareness has been life-changing.


Before working with Amy, I could feel that something needed to change, but I didn’t know where to start. Then I signed up for one of Amy’s free workshops and it all became clear. I jumped at the chance to be part of this program!


Amy has taught me how to look at life with a sense of awareness that has been life-changing.

I’ve learned the importance of taking ownership of my shit and how to show myself compassion. The connections I’ve made with the others in the group have reminded me that I’m not alone… I’m so grateful for that.

Through the tools that Amy has given me, I will continue my journey to become the best version of myself. I now know is possible for my life. Thank you, Amy!



Because of this program, I found ME again. The child-like me who needed the love she never received, the teen me who got lost and needed to be found, the 20-year old me who spent the decade serving the wrong guy, working the wrong job, sacrificing myself for others, the 30-year old me who set sail on a journey across country to find a new life, not knowing that you can run, but you can’t escape your past shit and here I sit in the 40-year old me who was sick of my shit and wanted to get straight with myself once and for all. In this tribe I found my internal compass. I found that blaming and shaming gets me nowhere and how best to silence my inner-shit talker. I learned that I am not alone in this!


After this course, I am able to navigate my “stuff” much better without escaping or torturing myself due to my lack of worth. I’ve ended a toxic relationship and understand the things in my life which didn’t bring me peace and eliminating them and/or creating boundaries. My life is more real… I am more present… and my worth, is finally getting the delicious attention it so deserves.

~ Janis Gaudelli, New York, New York



I feel worthy and successful!


Before working with Amy, I was terrible about my inner critic always telling me to people-please, that I was never good enough, and that no matter what I achieved, I would never be happy or successful.

I needed to challenge the shit-tastic core beliefs that I held for so long.


Amy’s work is a wake-up call to allow yourself to stop bashing everything that you do, stop comparing yourself to others, and help you change your inner voice to be more loving and forgiving.

Amy showed me how to give myself permission to not be perfect, and how to start new beliefs which allowed me to feel worthy and successful!

~ Annette Carlsen, Crescent City, California

Siobhan Nassalang

Madison, Wisconsin

Saying “No” is no longer a struggle for me!


I used to have a tremendous amount of negative self-talk and took any criticism or rejection way too hard, without even understanding the nature of it.

I could get into funks for weeks and not really know what was bothering me.


Through this program, I have learned that my inner critic isn’t always right, and to question many of my self-deprecating thoughts that were doing me no good. Amy’s work has helped me personally and in my relationships, and I am better able to communicate my needs.

Saying “No” with grace and kindness is no longer a struggle for me and I am practicing asking for what I want or going for what I need without worrying what the peanut gallery has to say about it!



Charleston, South Carolina

This program is a game-changer. It is a necessity. Amy saved my life.


Before this program I was stressed, anxious, depressed, and hopeless.

I knew I needed a change in my life. I knew that I couldn’t be happy continuing with my current habits.


This program is a game-changer. It is a necessity. Amy saved my life. I feel more confident and comfortable and ready for what life has in store for me. It will impact every area of your life, and that is why it is so important.

The results are unbelievable. The change that you can see in your life is miraculous. You can be happy!



Milwaukee, Wisconsin

My beliefs and desires are as important as everyone else’s!


Before this work with Amy I was like a flag in the wind, moving and adjusting to everyone else’s energy, desires, and demands.

I felt exhausted and disconnected, and was constantly seeking approval from everyone but myself.


After working with Amy and fellow students I feel like I’m anchored firmly on my own two feet while deepening my connection to others. My beliefs and desires are as important as everyone else’s!

It feels like a true homecoming, and I’m so grateful!




Before this program, my mind was cluttered with ideas: “I’m not enough. I need to be more, do more, give more.” I knew I was struggling but didn’t know what approach to take.


Through this time with Amy, I learned that my struggles are not unique and they do not have to be a way of life. I gained clarity surrounding the reasons why I think and act like I do. I learned tools to help reshape my thoughts and habits. I’m now aware that the process is ongoing and I do not have to be perfect. I am enough and I will continue to grow. Amy is genuine and relatable. From day one I had the feeling that she genuinely cares. She has crafted a course that is comprehensive and a pleasure to participate in. She sprinkles her vast knowledge and love throughout.

~ Karen Holmes, Round Rock, Texas

IT’s okay to just be me. 



Before this program, I felt bogged down in my day-to-day life and in many of my relationships, thinking, “Why do I feel stuck?” or “Why don’t have this or that?


It’s OK to just be me, without altering “me” in every decision or interaction to get closer to some “better person” I’m supposed to be.

Also, Amy is someone you can totally relate to. She will get vulnerable right along with you, plus, she’s hilarious!

I’m incredibly grateful to have made this investment in myself, and to Amy for designing this work that got me to the core of what’s most important – not living into how others may or may not see me, but how I want to see myself!

~ Shauna Wilburn, St. Louis, Missouri

I now live my life for me and not by anyone else’s rules or expectations.


Before this course, I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted my life to look like. After completing the program I feel like I am in the driver’s seat of my life; I am in control of my journey. I am able to set boundaries and in turn,  maintain my self-worth.I now live my life for me and not by anyone else’s rules or expectations.

~ Jennifer Finnie, Port Dover, Ontario





Before working with Amy, I was stuck in a trap of serious self-worth contingency and consumed with fear.


I am noticing my inner critic a hell of a lot more and curbing it and I do feel more confident! I now feel like my life is going in a positive direction as the power is all in my hands. Amy is an absolutely amazing coach and I cannot recommend her enough. She will help you change your life!

~ Rosie Lacks, Worcester, Worcestershire, England

it’s your time

I’m not scared to speak my mind. 


Before this course, I was very self-conscious and always wondering what others were thinking of me, caring too much about if I was a dick or not or if I said the wrong thing or the right thing.


This course seriously changed my life. Amy taught me that I’m not responsible for how I’m received by others – I’m only responsible for my intention and how I show up. And now, I’m not scared to speak my mind or live my life true to myself! Thank you so much Amy for showing me the light!

~ Bailie Herchenbach, Palatine, Illinois


Brooklyn, New York

  I don’t even know the person I was before.

Thank you for creating the most incredible, magical, fucking hard, but truly rewarding program!!! It’s been insanely transformative and really just life changing. I feel like I don’t know the person I was before, that’s how impactful this has been for me.

I appreciated getting to share this space and journey with each beautiful person in the group. We all have grown and transformed in some way.

I am grateful for this experience and I have to say thank you, Amy, for the endless hours, passion, commitment, and true dedication you take and show in your work. The amount of material and info you give out is awesome (and just mind blowing lol)!!! You’re changing lives and leaving an imprint on people forever!!!   Thank you for being a part of this journey with me.