like, yesterday

You look in the mirror… BOOM… Your inner voice starts the incessant chatter.

Too old. Too fat. Not pretty enough. Not skinny enough. Not stylish enough. Not ___________ enough.

You make a mistake at work, get passed up for a promotion, or get fuckin’ TRIGGERED by Jenny in accounting (with her frustratingly perfect hair) and your Inner Shit Talker starts in again.

Not smart enough.

Such a fraud. How did you get this job to begin with?

You’ll never accomplish your goals. You never follow through.

Or maybe it’s parenting.
Or your relationship with your mom.
Or not feeling lovable or good enough to be in a relationship.
Doesn’t really matter, does it.
Just switch from job, to relationship, to body to image and one thing remains consistent:




And then the GUILT…

Guilt for not being satisfied.

Guilt for feeling lost, uncertain, and unhappy.

Guilt for feeling not enough.

You should be so grateful!” your inner voice screams.


Y ou look like you have everyTHANG together on the outside, and noooooo-one has any idea how much self-doubt and negative self-talk run your life

Y ou rarely [if ever] seem to find time for yourself… as in, you never put yourself first. (Like, if you take a moment for yourself, your inner shit-talker GOES OFF: “You should be folding laundry, you should be working out, should be hangin’ with the kids, you should finish that work project, should, should, should, FUCKING SHOULD!”

Y ou often get trapped in the notion of who you’re “supposed” to be. As in, thinking that things would be perfect if you could just get this new biz off the ground, or everyone in your fam thinks you’re “The Strong One” so god-forbid you have a fucking meltdown.

I f you make a mistake, spill something, or don’t get a promotion, you immediately yell at yourself… many times out loud. Like, “GOD DAMN IT, {your name here}! What’s your problem!?”

A nd lord help you if you see someone doing it “right”. (And by “it” I mean anything you kick your own ass about.) Enter the Compare and Despair Gremlin. Not as pretty as her, not as successful as her, not a good pinterest-handmade-halloween-costume-mom like her.

A nd maybe you’d love to really work on yourself, but you have no idea where to start. Yeah, I’ll get right on that.

Um… No wonder you aren’t happy!

dream with me for a sec…


  • Waltz into that biz meeting feeling super confident, proud of your killer proposal, and ready to share your brilliant ideas.
  • Catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror, smile broadly, and blow a kiss at your badass self. Damn, you look good!
  • Jump right back into the dating scene (even though it’s been a minute) knowing that you are one hellova catch and you have so much to offer.
  • Cruise through Facebook or Insta without comparing yourself to that *one* dude from high school or stalking out your losery ex. In fact, seems like you’re not even zoning out on social media much these days. Too busy getting that new biz off the ground.
  • Tell your in-laws that y’all aren’t going to be able to make it the family dinner this Friday or any future dinners for that matter… and get this… you don’t have one ounce of guilt about it. Dude. Self-love rules.
  • Speak up for yourself (gracefully and articulately), so you are able to tell your boss your true thoughts on your workload which will likely make your job a shit-ton more fun. Plus, you’ll be super proud of yourself.




deep, down, + dirty™


D EEP, DOWN, + DIRTY™ is a 3+ month, personal growth immersion which walks you through a proven process to take you from struggling in the land of self-criticsm, people-pleasing and perfectionism to flying on the wings of confidence, courage, and “enoughness”.

Get ready for…

massive self-confidence,
serious self-love, and
a new found sense of true happiness.

In Deep, Down, + Dirty™, you’ll learn:

How to stop being so mean to yourself. You’ll learn how to catch your inner shit-talker and switch up that internal conversation so that you start saying empowering things to yourself. Like, on the regular. (ie. No more beating yourself up for the weight you’ve gained or the interview you blew. Or for spilling that coffee.)

When you constantly speak kindly to yourself, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. Start the biz, honey. Quit that job. Buy that house.

How to feel like “ENOUGH”. You’ll stop thinking that “as long as that one dude likes me, then I must be pretty enough” or “as long as I get that promotion, then I must be smart enough”. Flipping that script, baby!

Knowing, and I mean really knowing, that you are already “enough” changes every-THANG. Say a big Adele-style-Hello to massive confidence, leading you to go after all those things you’ve been dying to do. Like, opening that Bed n’ Breakfast or traveling the U.S. in your new RV.

How to stop caring sooooo much what everyone else thinks. For instance, you’ll stop saying “yes” to a bunch of shit you don’t want to do (like working over-time or baking 400 cupcakes for your kid’s class).

Your time will be YOURS, so get ready to let go of (other people’s) stress so YOU are now at the top of your to-do list. Time for that speed-reading course? Done. Time to paint that mural? Done.

How to stop (constantly) comparing yourself to others.

You’ll learn my favorite tool for letting go of the comparison trap and how to stay focused on what you DO want instead of getting sidetracked by the “I’m not good enough” syndrome.

How to fall in love with yourself. All of the concepts above are designed to help you create a completely different relationship with yourself. Like, one where you actually like yourself. And you speak kindly to yourself. You’ll learn how to forgive your past mistakes and you won’t be nearly as invested in what everyone else thinks.


no more of this shit:
  • NO MORE being such a damn bully to yourself… For your weight, your job, your relationship status. All of it.

  • NO MORE second guessing every choice and decision.

  • NO MORE people-pleasing and sacrificing your happiness for others…  like, mom/boss/spouse.

  • NO MORE allowing FEAR to rule your world. 

  • NO MORE waiting for happiness to magically appear.


a little lot of this:
  • You are actually kind to the person in the mirror.
  • You have self-respect, inner and outer confidence, and a true sense of SELF-WORTH.
  • You’ve regulated the shit-talking in your mind + know exactly how to speak kindly instead and now going after that new biz or dating again is thrilling and exciting.
  • You’ve let go of people-pleasing, caring so much about what others think, and now you have tons of time to spend on shit you REALLY want in your life… like, Saturdays all to yourself or finally completing that half-marathon.
  • You OWN how lovable and valuable you are and your boundaries are off-the-charts. You finally feel good enough. Smart enough. YOU ARE ENOUGH.

  • All your relationships and friendships are stronger, healthier, and most important, HAPPIER.

Ready to finally believe you’re “enough”?

Because I only offer this program to a very small group of women, the first step is to book a complimentary session with one of my badass strategy coaches who can outline the exact issues you’re up against and make sure that DD+D is just the ass-kicking you are looking for.

The two of you will dig into all the places you are currently “stuck”, what you would like to shift, and what it will take to get you there.

Here’s the catch. These calls are not for everyone. They are for those 100% committed to change. And, I’m dead-fucking-serious about this, ya’all. I’m talking ready to do the work, ready let go of excuses, and ready put some serious investment (both time and money, Babycakes) behind your personal growth… so you know, you can actually BE HAPPY.

Book your complimentary strategy call!


Wanna scope out the curriculum?


Right of the bat we’ll dig into all things FEAR and you’ll learn how to work with your fear (aka become “Fear-Optimized”) instead of being paralyzed and controlled by it. After this week’s work, you’ll know exactly how to operate from a place of courage and bravery… on the regular. You’ll walk into those biz meetings ready to nail your presentation and because you won’t be so damn fearful, and you’ll be waaaay more present and engaged with your kids. Or spouse. Or bestie.

Because of this course, I have a handle on my beliefs, working on (and with) my fears, and what I truly value. Amy has been like a spirit guide to show me what it means to live in line with my badass self, and how to get there. ~ Shauna Wilburn, St Louis, Missouri 


You’ll learn how to dissect your inner conversation in order to figure out where you have been holding yourself back. You’ll learn what to listen for in your inner speech, where/when/with whom you are triggered, and how to create an internal conversation of confidence. This week will have you speaking to yourself like you would speak to your kid, or fav niece, leaving you empowered and ready to go after that new job or start dating again.

One of my biggest takeaways was learning to speak to myself differently – Learning to recognize the bad thoughts immediately and change them, and creating a self-talk that moves me forward. After only a few short months my life has completely transformed!

~ Molly Gaynor, Charleston, South Carolina


This week targets letting go of the past and working on forgiveness for both yourself and others. You’ll learn what it really means to forgive and how to shift your perspective around things you may beat yourself up for as well as blame you may hold for others in your life.


You’ll dig into the origin of your current beliefs (aka Why you believe you aren’t “enough”) and how these beliefs you established early on have crafted your entire reality. Get ready to let go of the idea that you aren’t worthy, loveable, or smart! This week will help you create the belief
that you can start that non-profit whenever you damn-well choose or believe that you are sooooo valuable that you deserve to get what you want in your marriage. Game. Changer.

I don’t have to apologize for who I am – I am lovable, valuable, and enough just as I am right now.
~ Kristen T., Canada


Further breaking free from the “I’m-Not-Enough Complex”, this week will give you the skills to start establishing a new belief system in which you can thrive. You will learn exactly what you need to do to support your new empowering beliefs and will be immediately setting yourself up for success. You’ll walk away knowing that you are lovable, deserving of everything you desire, and valuable. Just. As. You. Are.

Amy showed me how to identify triggers that caused my inner critic to start jabbering bullshit at me, how to give myself permission to not be perfect, and how to start new beliefs that allowed me to feel worthy and successful. ~ Annette Carlsen, Crescent City, California


You’ll start looking at how you have attached your self-worth to other people’s opinions of you, embody some radical self-forgiveness, and learn how to start operating from a place of self-love. Finally believing in your own worth will have you confidently standing up to your overbearing mom/sister/boss, allowing ONLY fulfilling and rich relationships in your life, and listening to what YOU want for a change… even if it’s just to binge out on Grey’s Anatomy or splurge on that new patio

I learned that I Am Enough!!! And that I truly am lovable. ~ Jacquelyn Ellis, Las Vegas, Nevada


Ever feel like all you are is wrapped up in your work? Or in your parenting? This week will teach you how to address all your life roles so you can pay attention to what really makes you happy. When you say “I’m a ________” or I’m so ___________” you will now have the tools to fill in the blanks with “identifiers” that empower you. Just imagine what you’ll be able to accomplish when you feel like Wonder Woman!


This week is all about figuring out the exact components that MUST be present in your life in order for you to be the most fulfilled and happy. You’ll figure out your deal-breaker values and how they affect your closest relationships as well as what it actually looks like to LIVE your values. You won’t believe how much easier it is to establish boundaries, speak up for yourself, and only spend time with peeps who build you up.

I feel like I’m standing firmly on my own two feet, honoring myself and my values while deepening my connection to others. It feels like a true homecoming, and I’m so grateful!

~ Erin Rourke, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


You’ll dissect where you have been focusing on what others think of you and how that has been contributing to your suffering. You’ll be crystal clear about what you ARE and ARE NOT responsible for (spoiler: you’re not responsible for other people’s happiness). Instead of worrying that you “let someone down” or HAVE TO do everything perfectly, you’ll start making choices based off what YOU want. You’ll blow yourself away with all the freedom you create for yourself!

Saying “No” with grace and kindness is no longer a struggle for me and I am practicing asking for what I want or going for what I need without worrying what the peanut gallery has to say about it!

~ Siobhan Nassalang, Madison, Wisconsin


If you have ever experienced rejection you thought would damn-near kill you, this week will blow you away. You’ll learn 5 steps to deal with/process criticism and how to stop apologizing and over-explaining your thoughts, beliefs, and opinions. This week will have you “shakin’ it off” like Taylor Swift, focusing on your own happiness, fulfillment, and worth. You’ll be loads stronger (like, ninja-warrior-style), brushin’ off useless opinions of others, and powerfully going after your deepest desires… Even finding your soulmate. Or booking that trip to Costa Rica.

The situation can suck, but I DON’T SUCK! ~ Amy Avery, Columbus, Ohio


This week takes all your newfound confidence and puts it into practice with others. You’ll learn how to say “no” to shit that doesn’t serve you, how to handle sticky conversations with ease, and how to actually communicate your thoughts, opinions, and needs from a place of honesty, grace, and kindness. The shift in your relationships will blow your mind. Get ready for breakthroughs with your kids, spouse, and co-workers.

I can stand up for myself and not take on other’s people’s shit and I am not a dick for establishing a boundary or putting myself first. ~ Kristen T., Canada


This week is all about sustainability. This is about taking the wealth of growth and knowledge you have accumulated over the past few months and creating a completely new way of operating. You will establish systems, habits, and support to continue and maintain your empowerment! There’s no looking back, Baby! You’ve gone from freaked-out approval seeker to bold and boundaried badass!

This course provided me with the tools I need to continue on in life with more courage and confidence. I’m so very grateful for the experience and would take your courses again!

~ Erin McQueen, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

plus two bonus modules!


You’ll learn exactly what it looks like to create a support system and friendships that support your growth and development. You will identify exactly what you want in your friendships and you’ll leave happy hour/dinner dates/concerts in the park with a full heart, feeling supported and loved by your deep and rich connections.

I’ve entered a new phase in life where I am surrounded by good people who match my vibe!!

~ Janis Gaudelli


You’ll go through a specific process designed to figure out exactly what lights you up and fulfills you in a specialized area of your life. This bonus module is designed to get to the bottom of what has been happening for you currently, what is missing, the step you need to take to crystalize your vision.

Ready to actually love yourself?

Because I only offer this program to a very small group of women, the first step is to book a complimentary session with one of my badass strategy coaches who can outline the exact issues you’re up against and make sure that DD+D is just the ass-kicking you are looking for.

The two of you will dig into all the places you are currently “stuck”, what you would like to shift, and what it will take to get you there.

Here’s the catch. These calls are not for everyone. They are for those 100% committed to change. And, I’m dead-fucking-serious about this, ya’all. I’m talking ready to do the work, ready let go of excuses, and ready put some serious investment (both time and money, Babycakes) behind your personal growth… so you know, you can actually BE HAPPY.

Book your complimentary strategy call!