well hello, my beautiful badass!

Y ou are receiving the link to this page because you have so lovingly contacted me requesting some personal advice or guidance and/or have shared a sacred piece of your personal story with me. I wanted you to know that I have read your lovely note and I am so honored you have chosen me to reach out to.


Well, a while back I had to make a choice. I made the tough decision to not respond to every personal request for advice and help for a couple of reasons. First, out of service to my devoted and paying clients and students, I found it imperative to leave my time and energy available for those engaging in programs with me. Second, I have made a major, concerted effort to provide multiple methods of free advice, guidance and support in my practice and biz. Third, by reserving my personal response for current students and clients, I have been able to care-take for my own time and energy and remain present in my marriage, friendships, and family relationships. And finally, since I’m not Wonder Woman (although, I like to think I am), I simply do not have the time required to personally respond to every beautiful email I receive, although it pains me greatly and I certainly wish I could!


So, I crafted this message to you for a few reasons. First, I wanted you to know that I have read your note and truly am so very honored you chose me. Second, I wanted to be super clear about where to find all the FREE support already available to you. Please check out the following links if any of these resources may be of service.


FREE eWorkbook: Speak up for Yourself without Being a Dick – Simply GO HERE to grab a copy of this workbook which walks you through 9 proven challenges to cultivate some serious self-love + self-confidence. Plus, after you grab this freebie, you’ll be the first to hear of any upcoming free events in the future!

FREE Workshop: This completely free masterclass is all about letting go of chronic people-pleasing, perfectionism, and self-doubt. Um, #yesplease Get your pen and paper ready because this training is loaded with wisdom bombs! FIND OUT MORE >

FREE Hypnosis Meditation on Dealing with Anxiety: If you have found yourself struggling with racing thoughts, obsessing over things out of your control, and riddled with fear over the “what ifs”, you should probably have a listen or two (or twenty) to this hot little number. This guided hypnosis meditation will aid you in letting go of stressful things you can’t control and anchor you into your personal power. (And, not to worry, you won’t be clucking like a chicken… that’s actually not even a thing.) FIND OUT MORE >

The Bold-Faced Truth Podcast – Every single week, I record a 40-minute-ish podcast sharing my juiciest tips, tools, and techniques to truly love and live your most badass life. You can also submit a topic or question you would like us to address on the air! You can listen via this website or your podcast platform of choice! FIND OUT MORE >

Get Social – I’m highly active on both Instagram and Facebook where I regularly “mini-blog” with tons of applicable advice about self-worth, confidence, standing up for yourself, and much more. Come hang out… It’s a good time.


And finally, I wanted you to know you are not alone. I have gone through many times in my life when I honestly had no idea what direction to take, what step to move toward, or where my answer may be. Take heart, my friend. Although it may not feel like it, you are not broken, there is nothing wrong with you, and you will find the answer you desire. Just keep searching. Keep pushing forward. You CAN create whatever life you desire.


So much love to you, dear one.


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