hello, fellow badass!

Thank you so much for hittin’ me up to be a part of your event! I absolutely LOVE collaborating with like-minded spirits, so let’s see if we can make some magic! Due to frequent inquires of this sort, I’ve found it necessary to outline a few policies I’ve established to streamline this process. If you dig everything below, hit me up at [email protected] and we’ll get goin’!

Please note that these policies DO NOT apply to a full-on joint venture project. If you are interested in building a course together, co-teaching, or something similar, please feel free to email me at [email protected].

(Just a little note on current trends in invites… I find it super uncouth to ask about my list size (a.k.a. cyber dick size) before deciding to work with me, so I flat out will not disclose that information. No offense. It’s simply a tacky trend I refuse to support.)


  • Do interviews in any medium: in person, video, audio, written (…as long as I have heads-up on video, so I can get my face on and get dressed from the waist up.)
  • Send you questions ahead of time that I love to be asked and sound off on
  • Promote via social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram  (as long as it’s a reasonable amount)
  • Provide my eWorkbook Speak Up for Yourself Without Being a Dick as a giveaway/free gift/offering/opt-in if your event requires a freebie


  • Send out solo mailings to my list regarding the event/interview/summit
  • Create any new content/product/offering
  • Create any new freebies for your audience
  • Give out the size of my email list
  • Give the sizes of my social media numbers as this can be looked up extremely easily
  • Become an affiliate of any program that I don’t have personal experience with (However, if you want to give me copies to check out, I’m happy to become an affiliate if it feels like a right fit for me and the AGS brand!)
  • Jump on the phone to discuss your event (Not trying to be an asshole here, but I’ve learned I must be extremely vigilant with my time.)

Again, thank you so much for your interest and I look forward to connecting!

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