Please read through the job description below with great detail and let’s see if it’s a match made in heaven! 


  • Help high-achieving, professional women shed people-pleasing, perfectionism, find their “enoughness”, access their confidence, and start using their voice
  • Aid in changing the patriarchal paradigm of women consistently buying into the notion that they are not worthy of the life they desire
  • Effect change and be part of empowering women without being in the spotlight (I see you, Introvert!)
  • Have independent work hours and flexibility of schedule while working from home

Then, we may a perfect position for you!


  • Location Independent: You can work from anywhere in the world, as long as it’s convenient for our clients.
  • Flexible Hours: You can make your own hours within some specifications. You will need to be available some evenings and occasional weekends since most of our clients are working, professional women. (If you’re located in Eastern Time Zone, it’s a plus!)
  • Training + Compensation: We are 100% virtual with comprehensive sales training and lucrative, commission-based income on each enrollment


The Strategy Coach position is a front-line role for vetting and on-boarding new clients into my signature program, Deep, Down, and Dirty. Highly qualified leads schedule a call after jumping through 10+ mini-commitments along the way. By the time they reach you, they are highly engaged. 

Within the space of a 45-75 minute call (Zoom if international), it’s your job to help them understand the gravity of their situation, the consequences if they don’t take action, and enroll them IF they are a fit for what we do. We turn down roughly 30% of the women who come to us. Your job is based in finding the right fit so we maintain our high success rate and elicit a strong lifetime client value.


  • You are coachable: You must be eager for feedback, coaching and enthusiastic about your own growth. As a Strategy Coach, you are receiving high-level of coaching, training, and feedback from Amy and the team. 
  • You are passionate about the work we do: You come to your position with gratitude and desire. We want you to be excited to learn, serve and grow every day because you are part of a bigger picture and mission.
  • Integrity is your middle name: You must have absolute integrity and honesty and be willing to protect our clients by not extending an invitation to those who aren’t a fit. When you feel “off”, we expect you to be honest and open so we can coach you and support you fully.
  • You have excellent communication skills, making people feel at ease around you, gracefully taking the lead in a conversation and also be a good and empathic listener.
  • You are incredibly positive and optimistic, always seeing the good in situations.
  • You are bold and willing to have tough conversations where you are real, authentic and willing to speak the truth.
  • You are methodical and precise: If you don’t like routine, and you don’t like details, this is not the position for you. You will be doing the same thing every day. Each call presents its own challenges, but you must be comfortable sticking to the routine and script.
  • You have emotional maturity: You know how to manage your own emotions and how to ask for support when you need it.
  • You love helping and talking to people.
  • You are super comfortable with technology.
  • You are comfortable with a commission-based compensation structure.


We are looking for someone who ideally has sales experience, high attention to detail, a track record of decisive problem solving and thrives working from home. This position may require you to be on the phone for several hours a day and able to keep a strong mindset throughout. 

To be considered a good fit for this job, you need to be a quick study, detail-oriented, coachable and able to work independently. You should be able to take direction and feedback without having to be micro-managed. We care about attitude and enthusiasm, but we’re also looking for someone who can hit the ground running.  

If you are a good fit, please fill out the application below!